Company presentation
Colliding tools (CDC)
Clipper 5
SwETech AB
SwETech AB is an independent Swedish company established 1990, active in development, production, testing and marketing of e.g. sophisticated explosive charges, for the off oil field industry, safety devices for rescue helicopters and for the fishing industry.

The work is done in close co-operation with distinguished partners within the oil field industry.

SwETech has developed five(5) Colliding Detonation drill collar Cutter (Pipe severing device) for cutting DC, HWDP and DP.

- CDC type 1
- CDC type 2
- CDC type 3
- CDC type 4
- CDC type 5

The Clipper 5 wire cutter has been developed to meet the need to cut a wire by remote and immediate action in a rescue situation.
SwETech AB - S-691 80 Karlskoga, Sweden -