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Cutting a wire rope is never easy under normal conditions, its even worse in rescue operations and in hazardous environments when every second counts.
Clipper 5 - The best way to cut wire ropes instantly
Clipper 5, developed to meet the tough requirements of the Swedish Defence Forces but now available for everyone, is a lightweight, one-hand operated, easy-to use system that severs wire ropes up to 8 mm thick, instantly and efficiently.

Just hook the head of Clipper 5 over the wire rope and press the trigger and it makes no difference if the rope is moving fast, like from the winch of a rescue helicopter. Wherever wire ropes are used, on helicopters, sailing boats or even on lifts there should be a place for Clipper 5 it´s simply the best way
For more information:
Instruction use for Clipper 5 (pdf)
Clipper 5 product sheet (pdf)
Clipper 5 Shelf life test (pdf)
Clipper 5 Certificate (pdf)
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